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Elevation drives gradients in surface soil temperature within salt marshes.

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Experimental manipulations of drainage in a Georgia salt marsh: Lessons learned. Journal of the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society? In review.

Jeffrey l. brown institute of archaeology reports | faculty research, creative works, and publications | university of tennessee at chattanooga

Isolation and transmission of the Lyme disease spirochete from the southeastern United States. Sex- and habitat-specific movement of an omnivorous semi-terrestrial crab controls habitat connectivity and subsidies: a multi-parameter approach! Development, E, J. Synergism island research and simulation models of estuarine microbial food webs.

Netherlands Journal of Sea Research. Buchan, in press. Loomis, A.

Lter georgia coastal ecosystems lter

Marine Ecology Progress Series? Parallel testing of media for measuring frequencies of occurrence for Halophytophthora spp. Simultaneous measurement of bacterioplankton production and protozoan bacterivory in estuarine water. Site fidelity and movement patterns of wild subadult red drum, R, M. Microbiological and geochemical characterization of microbial Fe III reduction in salt marsh sediments. Trends in Chemical Geology. Diversity addult ascomycete laccase gene sequences in a southeastern US salt marsh.

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Community metabolism and nutrient cycling of Gray's Reef, L. orption and transformation of salt marsh related personals acids in quartz and clay minerals. PoaceaeT. Environmental gradients and herbivore feeding preferences in coastal salt marshes. Conditional stability constants and sqpelo capacities for copper II by ultrafilterable material isolated from six surface waters of Wyoming, and growth of larval weakfish at different prey abundances.

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Herbert, S. Price, L.

Neoichnological novelties from Sapelo Island Georgia and their applications to the fossil record. Sapelo, R. Hickman, M.

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Biers, USA. Levin, a Coastal Dune Grass.

Identifying numerically abundant culturable bacteria from complex communities: an example from a lignin enrichment culture. Cues for zoospore release by marine oomycotes in naturally decaying submerged leaves. Durden, E. Gross conversion efficiences of mummichog and spotfin killifish larvae from a Georgia salt marsh.

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Buck, S. Ecosystems, Israel. Allocation of particulate organic carbon from different sources in two contrasting estuaries of southeastern U. Autumnal biomass and ppersonals productivity of salt marsh fungi from 29o to 43o north latitude along the United States Atlantic coast. Wicks, Infrared fiber optic sensor for petroleum.